The Whiskey Basics

Across the United States, whiskey sales are up. As private distillers create fresh batches and draw attention towards this particular kind of distilled alcohol, sales both local and abroad are through the roof. Pushing the demand is a renewed interest in the flavor of whiskey as well as the fact that many places in the US have local whiskey distilleries. Are you interested in learning more about whiskey? Below we go into the whiskey basics and cover what you need to know to be better informed the next time you go out to buy a bottle.  Making whiskey barrels is the first step to make whiskey. Want to make your own? Then check out this kit for making whiskey.

What Is Whiskey Exactly?

As we said above, whiskey is a kind of distilled alcoholic beverage. It is made from a fermented grain mash. Depending on who is producing the whiskey, the whiskey can be made of barley, corn, rye, and even wheat. There are many well known whiskey producers in the United States, Scotland, and even Japan. Whiskey is usually stored an aged in whiskey barrels. These barrels are available in a range of size. The standard is 53-55 gallons. However, they are also available in sizes as small as 1 -2 liters. Check out some of the small whiskey barrels here. You can also find some mini whiskey barrels on Etsy (

What Are Different Kinds Of Whiskey?

A variety of whiskeys have been created over time to add diverse selection to an already popular drink. The most common types of whiskey include malt whiskey, grain whiskey, single malt whiskey, blended malt whiskey, blended whiskey, cask strength, and single cast. In the United States, you can get whiskey made of bourbon (at least 51% corn mash), corn (at least 80% corn), malt (at least 51% malt whiskey), rye (51% rye), rye malt (at least 51% malted rye), and wheat (at least 51% wheat mash.)

Is It Whiskey Or Whisky?

Technically both spellings are correct. The difference in spelling comes from the difference in how the Scottish and Irish spell it. The Scottish spell it ‘whisky’ while the Irish spell it ‘whiskey.’ Do to heavy Irish influence in the founding of the United States and the spread of the drink locally, the term ‘whiskey’ is more commonly used to refer to American whiskey.

What Influences The Flavor Of The Whiskey?

No two whiskeys sold from different producers will taste the same. Even with identical ingredients and near identical conditions, the whiskey will taste different depending on a series of local factors. Flavor is determined by the distillation process, the type of mash used, the type of barrels that it is distilled in, the packing, and even the exporting of the whiskey. In addition, things like temperature variation, humidity, and other climate factors will influence the final taste of the whiskey.


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